Mr. Ed;s Farm is open this summer…by appointment

Getting the oats in was a challange with all the excess rain
A surprise litter of 7 bunnies required some quick cage remodeling
The rye we planted last fall is doing well. Grain shocking photo is from last year.

The Farm is a busy place in the summer. In addition to the usual chores we have hay making and garden tending. Having visitors is no problem as long as I know when you want to come. I can adjust my schedule to meet yours. I can also let you know what’s happening on any given day in case you want to see something special like mowing or raking hay with the horses or cultivating the corn or potatoes.

No group is too small. If you have suprise guests from out of town and want to bring them out, just give me a call on my cell phone 218-966-1354. i am very flexible and we should be able to work something out.

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