Spring farm photos

Spring is making a slow entrance this year. Here are some recent photos

20130614-064557.jpg Lilacs, very late this year, fill the air with a sweet, wonderful fragrance. Mrs Ed and Dallas picking bouquets for the kitchen

20130614-064811.jpg The rabbits enjoy being outdoors in their new three story rabbit hut. Winston, senior farm dog, checks them out.

20130614-065035.jpg Spring field work is in full swing. We had three, three horse hitches going, two plowing, one on the disc.

20130614-065338.jpg Duane with his fine Belgium horses on a two way Oliver plow.

20130614-065516.jpg Duke in the Furrow, Dutchess working the middle and Bud on the land

20130614-065713.jpg Len Hardy plowing with percherons. Mick is in the furrow, Bud in the middle and Harley on the land.

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