Meet Mr. Ed’s horses 1

Here are some new pictures of Mr. Ed’s horses .

This is Sam. He is a Spotted Draft Horse. Big, handsome with a great personality and work ethic.

Sam’s sister Sue is all white.

This is “Sweetie”. A little brown mare, she is the newest member of the herd. My friend DJ calls her “Tootsie” because she is the color of a Tootsie Roll. In harness, she is all business.

Traded for in a moment of midlife crisis, this handsome Percheron gelding is my “Harley”.

Cody is eleven years old and still sports his dapples. Dapple grey and white Percherons are born black and eventually turn white.

At age thirteen, Mick and Bud are my “old” team. I call them my “Christmas horses” because they were a present from Mrs. Ed. Their last names are “Alob and Wiser”.

This black Percheron gelding is Luke. His nickname is Lazy Luke” because he is so laid back and mellow. He is not afraid to get down and pull when needed.

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  1. Reply Sandy Haanen Mar 28,2013 11:18 pm

    Beautiful horses! You are so lucky!

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