Time to “Name that Dog”

You wouldn’t think naming a dog would be so interesting. After I posted “Ruffing it”, Matt and I received many suggestions. Thank you all!

This dog is the son of Winston and Rosie. Born blind, under humble circumstances, he and his seven litter mates emerged from under a small storage shed on or about October 15, 2012. Of average intelligence, or maybe slightly below based on where he ended up in the constant dog pile fights, this medium sized pup never strived to stand out in the pack. He always let his siblings go ahead of him when venturing out. This probably explains why he was the second to the last to be adopted out. His brother George was sleeping the day this dog’s new owners came to the farm.

I remember the day clearly because he kept just out of reach when I tried to catch him. It took a whole bag of doggy treats and some serious sneaking before I managed to snatch him from behind his mother. When he left I told his new family they could bring him back if it didn’t work out. I should have suspected something then when his ears perked up and when he gave me what I now recognize as a ” dog faced grin”. Sure enough, the venture lasted just a few days less than two weeks. A phone call and then an unceremonious return to his place of youth. ” Hey Puppy”, as I called him then, was back. In no time at all, he resumed his favorite activity, lounging, only to be interrupted with the chasing an occasional chicken and barking at the sheep.

In retrospect I suppose calling him and all of his litter mates “Hey Puppy”, was a mistake. It’s like when you come from a big family and your Dad calls out several names before he gets to yours because he can’t remember which one you are. It happens, I do it with the horses all the time.

I tried a few of my own names on him including Butch, Stubby, Homer and Stinky. Not only didn’t he come, he would shake his head and slink away. Mrs Ed suggested I call him Dog. He just growled at that. I suppose any dog can be a Dog.

So the call for help went out on the Internet. Names flooded in on Facebook. Yesterday i assembled my list of dog names. This morning I sat on the porch swing, the dog with no name sacked out on the step. I started at the top of the list and called out each name, hoping for a reaction. Vladimir! He didn’t come a-Russian. I tried Bro. That didn’t make him go. Then Gus, Eddie, Beau, Shep, and Slick. I thought I had him on Slick when he woke up long enough to lick himself. Then Scout, Rascal, Bingo, Ringo, Snoopy, Jackson, Boomer, Cool Beans, Cool. Cool Hand Luke. Nothing. By this time he was snoring. On I went, Latla, Steve, Henry, Hoss, Albert and Askim. He wagged his tail once but continued his journey through dog dreamland.

I was one name short of the end of my list. I saved this one for the last because it was suggested by not one but two Facebook dog namers. Most suggesters gave a reason for their preferred name. For example Rascal, because he looked like a trouble maker and Cool Beans because he looked like he had gas.

The final name on my list was inspired by two things. The dog obviously thinks he is cool because he does what he wants when he wants. Secondly he wears a black coat which he keeps groomed by licking it into place. I took a deep breath. With everything riding on it, I said in my best “Dog Master’s” voice “Fonzie!”. At that moment the most amazing thing happened! The dog actually opened his eyes, looked at me, yawned while uttering a sound resembling Ahhhh! That was followed by a look that I interpreted as a “Whatever” before resuming his snooze.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. The Fonz would say Hi but he is napping.

Fonzie, trying out the second step.

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  1. Fonzie looks just like his litter mate Henry….boy he likes to sleep a lot! Nice photo. Henry & Sadie are getting along splendidly. Henry is over 40 pounds now I believe!

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