The animals are messing with Mr. Ed

Lucile with that innocent look.

It’s Sunday on Mr. Ed’s Farm. Morning chores went OK. The Jersey boys made another break for it when I opened their gate, slipping past me to run up and down the hay bales. I guess it’s time to start their formal training.

The neighbor girls, Dallas and Michele — AKA DJ and Bell — came over at noon. They are 8 and 9 years old and have been great helpers and provide inspiration for Mr. Ed’s Farm. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold, and we really appreciate ours.

Bright sunshine, sparkling snow were too much to keep us inside. All Mrs Ed had to say was, “Gee, wouldn’t it be a nice day for a sleigh ride?” and I was out the door. With eight horses to choose from, sometimes it is hard to decide who to harness up. That question was answered when I opened the barn door. Sam and Sue were the first ones in. I harnessed up, put on the bells and off we went. We have a new sleigh and —thanks to the girls dad, Jeramy, and his bobcat — several new trails.

Feeling good from the day, I lingered in the barn tonight. Sitting on the hay bales with the puppies gathered around, I watched and listened to the animals. After a few minutes I think they forgot I was there and started telling Mr. Ed jokes.

Why does Mr Ed write so messy? Because he uses a pig pen!

Why did the cow jump over the moon? Because Mr. Ed has cold hands.

Why did Mr. Ed take his horses to the wedding chapel? Because he wanted them to get hitched.

Why did the chickens get in Mr. Ed’s wagon? They wanted him to pull it.

How does Mr. Ed give his sheep a bath? In Woolite.

How many sheep does Mr. Ed have? He doesn’t know because every time he tries to count them he falls asleep.

What did Mr. Ed say to the sad rabbit? Have a hoppy day.

Mr Ed told the pigs a secret but all the animals knew it. Why? Because they squealed on him.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Mr Ed.
Mr. Ed who?
Mr. Ed, it’s time to be fed!

Very funny, guys. I get no respect.

Cody and Bud “pick me, pick me”

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