Santa’s haulers

There is nothing quite as good as an old fashioned Iron Range pot luck. Mrs Ed and I were invited to one put on by the Cherry Township Recreation Board for the volunteers who helped with the Christmas program. On the way home I reflected on the day.

T’was the 16 of December and all across the Range, came rumors of something very very strange.

People were talking and kids were listening, about a soon to be visitor to the Iron Range.

Someone said it was the tooth fairy and that he would be stopping in Cherry.

Another person said it was the Grinch, but another said he would be too scary.

At quarter past three, they came with a thud. There was Mr. Ed, with his horses, Mick and Bud.

Across the field, red wagon in toe, bouncing over the bumps, in the snow.

In the back of the wagon, a big jolly fellow sat, with a red and white suit and a great big furry hat.

The children came running to see, this amazing site, as we rounded the tree.

Whoa Mick, whoa Bud shouted Mr. Ed. They came to a stop in front of the fire hall, all painted in red.

Santa, with his big bag of toys, went inside to dazzle all the little girls and boys.

Mick, Bud and I, we just sat, waiting for the big fellow, to come back.

The children came out to to meet the boys. They wanted them to show them their new toys.

One little fellow, not a bit shy, looked at the horses and then back at me,

asked in a big voice, “hey mister, how did you get them to fly?”

20130113-210339.jpg Santa Express

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