Peace and harmony on the farmony

Woke up this morning. As I did chores, sun shining on new fallen snow, puppies at my side, I felt the poet in me take over my soul. I said to myself, “This is a good time, for Mr. Ed to make up a rhyme. So here goes:

Someone said
Let’s go to Mr. Ed’s Farm
Another said
That couldn’t do any harm.

There’s a lot of things
To do and see
And most of them are
Darn near free

There’s sheep and horses
And a goat or two
Be sure to watch your step
And check your shoe.

The chickens are up
At the crack of dawn
You know when a hen lays an egg
When she sings her song

Watch out for the rooster
His name is Red Green
He looks pretty mellow
But he could be mean

Then there is Otis
The guard llama
Any intruder
Is an excuse for drama

You can visit with Gladys
And her friend Lucile
Just don’t tell them any secrets
Because they will squeal

Joe is from Jersey
Vinnie is too
If they see you coming
They will give you a big moo.

Watch out for the barn cats
They are very wary
Sticking your hand in a hole
Can be quite scary

Marshmallow and brownie
Are goats that are pigmy
They will run up to you
And say “Don’t you dig me?”

The puppies love
to run and play
They keep it up
All through the day

Poor mother Rosie
And father Winston too
Are besides themselves
And don’t know what to do

The puppies
Love to bark and bite
They grab Winston by the tail
And pull with all their might

Winston whirls around
He is quite quick
He tells the boys
Go get me a stick

Rosie looks after the puppies
She thinks they are so sweet
She makes sure
They get enough to eat

The horses
There are eight
Love to eat hay
And stand by the gate

There’s Cody and Harley
And Sam and Sue
They will pull anything
Mr. Ed wants them too

Lazy Luke likes to sleep in
Sweetie is an early riser
Mick is pretty smart
But Bud is wiser

There are two ducks
Named Cheese and Quackers
Check out their bills
They are worth a lot of smackers

The rabbits
Brown and white
Live in separate cages
so they don’t fight

Two girls and a boy
Apart they remain
That is so the number of rabbits
remains the same

There’s sparrows, starlings
and chickadees too
And lots of other wild birds
That add to the zoo.

The deer like to nibble
And they love to chew
Jumping into the garden
Is their favorite thing to do

One animal not welcome
Is the stinky old skunk
Last time he met Winston
That dog really stunk

Mr Ed gets up in the morning
To do all his chores
When he takes his nap
Mrs Ed says he snores

Mrs Ed likes to garden
And look after her flowers
She seems to possess
Magical growing powers

She planted pole beans
Along side the shed
Up up they grew
Way over her head.

The beans grew up
Almost out of sight
She jumped to reach them
With all of her might.

Not being able to reach the beans
Made her feel sadder
Not being able to jump
Made her even madder

Watching her jump
And sensing her plight
Mr Ed disappeared
Clean out of sight

Not wishing to see
His lovely wife get madder and sadder
Good old Mr Ed
Came back with the step ladder

All is well
You can see
On Mr Ed’ Farm
Peace and harmony are still free.

I am a Pygmy, do you dig me?

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