Payback time

A few years ago they got me with a good one. At that time I owned three oxen — Norman, Turk and Star. I would take them to the farm show at Blackberry. We would do a little plowing, but mostly I would bring them for people to see. They weighed over a ton each and had impressive horns. It was mid afternoon when a couple of draft horse club members invited me to go with them to get a piece of pie. I like pie, and the Blackberry ladies make some really good ones.

On the way back from the pie break someone came running towards me from the horse barn.”Ed come quick, there’s something wrong with your ox!”

When someone says there’s something wrong with your ox, all kinds of things go through your mind. Did he fall over and can’t get up? Did he jump the fence and run away? And, heaven forbid, did he drop over dead? By the time I get to the barn I am trying to figure out how to discretely remove a dead 2200-pound ox. Entering the barn I witnessed several people standing in front of Star’s pen. They were pointing and laughing. I swallowed hard and walked over to the pen.

There, with a crowd in hysterics, stood Star. Someone with the initials BC assisted by DB had transformed my dignified, gentle Star into a “Moose Ox” by duct taping a set of moose horns to his horns. By this time everyone was looking at me to see my reaction. Good one, they really got me.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I visited Johnson’s Pen and Perch website. Libby has a picture of my Moose Ox. It made me laugh all over again.

Funny, one of the conspirators was my friend Duane. This morning I was looking through the pictures I took yesterday and discovered something. Here is the picture. See if you can figure it out.

20130111-174702.jpg. Duke is the right hand horse, Bud, the left.

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