A little background on how we got here

20130103-114830.jpgThe old barn had stood empty for many years but still stood pretty straight.

Mrs. Ed (Gayle) and I began a new phase in our lives when we moved to the Iron Range during the winter of 1981. We rented a house in Virginia the first year, bought a trailer house and moved to Hibbing and lived there for the next three years. Every Saturday Range residents receive the Manneys Shopper in their mail boxes. In March I opened the paper to an ad that read “Farm for Sale. Cheap”. The 80 acre farm was in the Little Swan area east and a little south of Hibbing. The first trip to the farm was memorable. We slogged through melting snow banks and mud to check out the buildings. Like many Iron Range farms, the “Pulis” farm had once been a dairy, small grain and potato farm. By 1985 the cows were long gone, the buildings in disrepair and the barb wire fences barely visible in the tall grass. The farm house, as it turns out, was a mining location house moved years before from North Hibbing.

Looking at the pictures now, I wonder we were thinking. I guess we were just a young couple with a dream of having a place of our own. By mid summer we had closed on the property. The neighbors came over with their Ford tractor and helped chop down the waist high grass and brush. We through open the doors and windows of the house to air it out and got busy with the paint brushes. The first animal was a cat who fortunately turned out to be a pretty good mouser. Then came a dog, seven sheep and by Christmas, the first team of horses. More on this next time.


Mr Ed bringing life back to the old barn from the top down.

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