Holiday Hay Rides on the Farm

Loving the snow and cold early in early November and looking forward to having folks come to the farm for a horse drawn hay ride. We are taking reservations by phone 218-966-1354 call or text or  email. Some people have tried to contact us through Facebook but I’m sorry to say, I frequently have trouble retrieving or responding messages.

A holiday visit to the farm includes a horse drawn ride through the woods on a sleigh or wagon depending on the snow conditions. I have three different size sleds. The smallest one holds 12-15 people depending on your size and ability to snuggle. My largest sled holds 20-30 depending on the total poundage of passengers. I use three horses rather than two to make it easier on the horses and to avoid getting stuck. I use my wagon ,which can hold about 25, when there is not enough snow to run the sleds. For larger groups, I simply do additional rides.

I have a network of trails through the woods, across the swamp and over the fields. The ride can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 45. This is often determined by how cold it is and the wind chill. Sometimes I turn around and ask do you want the full trip or are you ready for a short cut. It works especially if the little ones are getting uncomfortable.

Most groups like to tour the barnyard after the ride. This usually involves feeding and petting the animals.

The Welcome Center is heated by a wood pellet stove. We have tables and chairs, outlets for crockpots and toys for the little ones to play with. If requested, I can have a campfire going next to the Welcome Center for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.You bring the food and beverages. We have sticks for roasting. We just ask that your group have responsible adults supervising the fire.

Our admission is $5 per person, two and under are free. If you are paying as a group we can issue wrist bands to people as they arrive. We don’t require a deposit with the reservation and don’t get upset if people cancel because of the cold or illness. I do get upset if people don’t show up and don’t call because I worry about them and wonder if they are ok.

Christmas has always been a special time with my family. Being able to offer the farm as a place where families can do something together is important to us. We have a number of grandparents who book a ride as a gift to their families. They pick up the tab with only one condition, no cell phones.

Our reservations are first come first serve. If you have a date in mind please let me know ASAP. Happy Holidays. Ed and Gayle