Team of horses available to the right person

Team of horses available to the right person
There is a team of Belgium mares coming up for sale. Their owner passed away about a year ago. His wife is looking for someone who can love and appreciate them. They have done everything and can be great teachers for new draft horse enthusiasts. This picture was taken about a month before Jim passed ...

Mr. Ed’s Farm: A farm boy’s dream come true

Mr. Ed's Farm: A farm boy's dream come true
Mr. Ed’s Farm is a farm boy’s dream come true. Located east of Hibbing, Minnesota, Mr. Ed’s Farm is a working farm powered by draft horses. The farm includes a flock of sheep, a coop full of chickens, a couple of pigs, two jersey calves, a trio of goats, a few rabbits, a pair of ...

Birthday party card

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Mr. Ed’s business card

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Brochure for Mr. Ed’s Farm

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Spring farm photos

Spring farm photos
Spring is making a slow entrance this year. Here are some recent photos Lilacs, very late this year, fill the air with a sweet, wonderful fragrance. Mrs Ed and Dallas picking bouquets for the kitchen The rabbits enjoy being outdoors in their new three story rabbit hut. Winston, senior farm dog, checks them out. Spring ...

Moving day

Moving day
Today was moving day for Gladys and Lucile, the two resident potbelly pigs. Working around the rain drops these past two weeks, I finally finished the new Piggery. My original plan was to tuck the piggery under the old truck which serves as a hay shed for the lambing barn. Winter put the project on ...

Education field trip for preschoolers 2

Education field trip for preschoolers
A child’s smile is priceless. Watching children interact with a real live animals in a safe and comfortable setting also brings smiles to parents and teachers. One can only imagine what goes through a youngster’s mind. One on one contact opens the door to learning and teaching moments. It creates a special bond and maybe, ...

Time to “Name that Dog” 5

Time to
You wouldn’t think naming a dog would be so interesting. After I posted “Ruffing it”, Matt and I received many suggestions. Thank you all! This dog is the son of Winston and Rosie. Born blind, under humble circumstances, he and his seven litter mates emerged from under a small storage shed on or about October ...

Mr. Ed’s Dogs : Ruffing it on the farm 3

Mr. Ed's Dogs : Ruffing it on the farm
This is Winston, senior dog of the farm. Born in 2007, he came from my sister Gloria. His mother Lucy was a collie, his father Sam was a border collie. What he lacks in border collie intensity, he makes up with loyalty. He likes to play fetch but won’t give the ball back. He greets ...