Mr. Ed’s Farm: A farm boy’s dream come true

Mr. Ed's Farm: A farm boy's dream come true
Mr. Ed’s Farm is a farm boy’s dream come true. Located east of Hibbing, Minnesota, Mr. Ed’s Farm is a working farm powered by draft horses. The farm includes a flock of sheep, a coop full of chickens, a couple of pigs, two jersey calves, a trio of goats, a few rabbits, a pair of ...

Birthday party card

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Mr. Ed’s business card

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Brochure for Mr. Ed’s Farm

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Spring farm photos

Spring farm photos
Spring is making a slow entrance this year. Here are some recent photos Lilacs, very late this year, fill the air with a sweet, wonderful fragrance. Mrs Ed and Dallas picking bouquets for the kitchen The rabbits enjoy being outdoors in their new three story rabbit hut. Winston, senior farm dog, checks them out. Spring ...